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Lattitude7 is a learning and development company providing training, consultancy, and social mobility through CSR initiatives.

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Operational Excellence

Lattitude7 offers coaching, mentoring, ethics & integrity and innovative problem solving programmes to support business growth. Dovetailing these with the general development of people and teams enables organisations to selectively improve the aspects of their business that have been holding back progress.


Unlocking the root cause of problems and changing unhelpful attitudes leads to focused and effective staff, enhanced business performance and improved bottom-line results.

Coaching provides feedback on strengths and development needs but, more importantly, gives individuals an awareness of their performance. The programme covers key skills like questioning & listening and, individual & group coaching programmes are available.


Do you have a mechanism for knowledge transfer so that the key skills and information are captured in-house to support the longevity of the business?

Mentoring training takes the form of class-based activity, role play and in-situ support.

Employees feel valued, will contribute more to the business and will have a long-term alignment with the direction of the company. Questioning and listening skills are a key part of this programme.

Ethics and Integrity Training

Does your company have a code of ethics? Is your Corporate Social Responsibility policy working? As an ethics and integrity advisor in a previous company, Martin Haigh noticed that people are sometimes asked to make judgements which could have far reaching consequences for which they may not be prepared.

The programme is highly participative and case studies help to reinforce the understanding of ethical concepts. Group working also allows for the natural cross-fertilisation of ideas.

After the course delegates are better equipped to make ethical decisions and to impart ethical knowledge and awareness in their own companies.

Innovative Problem Solving

Do you need help in getting over the many hurdles in business? Do you need support in viewing challenges as growth opportunities? However pro-active and visionary we are, these challenges will not go away.

Lattitude7 gives support using fun-based, innovative problem solving methods to help employees offer their own internal solutions to the problem at hand.

Appreciative Inquiry

The traditional approach to change is to: Look for a problem, Perform a diagnosis and Find a solution. The primary focus is on “what is wrong”.

Since we look for problems we find, emphasis and amplify them.

Appreciative Inquiry (AI) is a Business improvement method based on a philosophy for change.

By appreciating what is good and valuable in the present situation, we can discover and learn about ways to effect positive change for the future. Please contact us if this is of interest.


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