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Enthusiastic, well prepared and engaging

I attended a workshop run by Lattitude7 where those attending could learn, explore and sharpen their communication skills. Martin was enthusiastic, well prepared and engaging throughout. He has an ability to motivate and encourage improvement in others through creating a relaxed environment in which to learn, often using his sense of humour to good effect

By the end of the session, it was clear that the confidence and ability of those attending had improved significantly. I found the course caused me to think about and re-assess my presentation style, which is exactly what I was looking for. I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and would not hesitate to recommend Lattitude7 and Martin to others.

Richard Waddington, Sales Product Manager (EMEA) and Global Industry Manager
Nord-Lock Group

Excellent Personal, Team and Leadership Development Programme

Lattitude7 provided an excellent Personal, Team and Leadership Development Programme which was interactive, creative, well organised, relaxing and great fun. During the course I developed my communication skills, understood the importance of Team-work and became more confident in myself. Martin Haigh is a great motivational speaker and professional trainer.

Madalina Coroi, Economic Director
Tinmar Green Energy S.R.L

After a couple of chapters I felt I just had to go out for a run! - An inspiring read.

Martin Haigh and Geoff Cumber are what most of us would regard as ‘elite athletes.’ They’re serious club runners who have run more than 50 marathons between them, compete in triathlons, have won numerous prizes and raised lots of money for charity.

This long experience in the sport certainly gives Martin and Geoff the authority and credibility readers expect from a guide book on running. It [Start Line] begins with a sensible approach to beginning physical exercise, health, life style and the emotional benefits. Practical advice on what to wear and choosing the right running shoes follows. There are chapters on training and injury prevention, diet and even a chapter dedicated to women, covering shoes, sports bras, safety and running during pregnancy.

I found the book really inspiring. I’d only read a few chapters and felt I just had to go out for a run! I think I’ve even improved my running style by reading Start Line. I’ve always thought how hard it is to get across to people that don’t do sport just how much we get out of it – the runner’s high etc. Martin and Geoff have succeeded in conveying that message. They’ve helped promote some very positive messages - like the fact that running could prevent someone from having to take medication for diabetes. Running can be a life saver – it’s fantastic news for people who can give running a go and get healthy. The book contains just enough technical and scientific information to make it useful and interesting without being too over academic.

Another thing I like are the authors’ tips – they are a great insight into the real world experiences of running and some of them are quite entertaining and certainly add personality and character to the book.

Start Line definitely gets my vote and I would recommend it to anyone new to running or thinking about taking up the sport for the first time. It’s also extremely useful to those of us who’ve been running for decades.

Read the full customer review and purchase your copy of Start Line at Amazon here.

My life is better for the experience

Taking part in Martin's Personal Development course was one of the most profound experiences for me and my colleagues. I know for a fact my life is better for the experience. I have been on a number of presentation courses in the last 20 years but I can honestly say that the learning from this programme will stick and make a huge difference to me and to the organisation as a whole.

Not only is Martin an excellent facilitator with an eye for detail, but his knowledge and understanding of our client group was very impressive. He has helped to bring our team together and enabled us to deliver public presentations - a task a month or two ago would have seemed impossible to most of the team - and we are extremely grateful!

Steve Duncan DL, Chief Executive
Community Foundation for Calderdale

Outstanding leadership and creativity

Martin provided outstanding leadership and creativity to the Sales kick-off Conference we worked on together in Spain. His professionalism and attention to detail ensured that the event set new standards in creating engagement, energy and focus for the year. He demonstrated a real passion for developing people combined with a pragmatism for getting it right!

Phil Stockbridge, Chief Executive
Global Integration

He always hits the mark

Every year we meet someone who inspires us... well, Martin Haigh has been that person for me. He impressed me with the way he always hits the mark. His confidence, poise, professionalism and measured confident delivery has set a new benchmark for me to aspire to

Andy McMenemy

He inspired me to change my life

Thank you for opening the door and helping me walk through to a new life. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in Martin's presence. He has inspired me to change my life, both personal and business for the better. He truly is an inspirational person and living proof that a positive outlook can improve your life.

John Dyson, Director
Boxing Orange

An incredible leader with the highest degree of integrity, responsibility and ambition.

Martin is an incredible leader with the highest degree of integrity, responsibility and ambition. I met him on a 13-week program where he demonstrated his outstanding leadership skill and ability to inspire a large group. His approach gives the candidates a challenging experience with a successful outcome

Leigh Woolard, Managing Director
Optima Semper Ltd

Dependable, reliable, hard working and conscientious

At all times I have found Martin to be dependable, reliable, hard working and conscientious. His style is that of an enabler; helping people develop themselves with particular emphasis on ethical standards and positive thinking

Mark Wisniewski, Director
Cummins Turbo Technologies Ltd

The ability to "wake people up"

I fondly remember our annual meetings with Martin Haigh acting in front of sixty people from all over the world, coming from many different cultural backgrounds. During our sessions and, after some of Martin's "performances", all these people started to feel and act like a real team. Sounds simple and is simple - it only takes a few of Martin's skills: A deep knowledge and understanding of different cultures, the ability to feel and show a lot of respect to people, the ability to "wake people up", to make them laugh, to make them think about themselves and to question certain habits.

Do you need a good idea to make a team meeting exciting and fascinating? Without any question Martin Haigh will come up with one. And at the end of the meeting all participants will go back home knowing that they gained a lot of experience to help them in their day-to-day business - and they certainly did have fun!

Beata Kieschnick, PA to Vice President
Aftermarket, WABCO and leadership event co-ordinator.

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