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Geoff Cumber and Martin Haigh, co-authors of new book, Start Line, Running for a better life. Pictured at Spring Hall, Halifax

Geoff Cumber and Martin Haigh, co-authors of new book, Start Line, Running for a better life. Pictured at Spring Hall, Halifax

Geoff Cumber and I have written a book on running fitness to inspire people to take up the sport.  We’re both members of Halifax Harriers running club and following a love for the sport over recent years, together we have published ‘Start Line’.

We are looking to further inspire those touched by iconic races such as the Great North Run and London Marathon and hope the book will offer a further incentive to get people moving.

We initially recognised the need for people to be more active when coming across research from The University of Cambridge which shows that a lack of exercise could be killing twice as many people as obesity.

Furthermore, many people are spending a lot of time on their mobile devices, bending forward to look at their smartphones and tablets.  This action, known as ‘Text Neck’, can put additional strain on a whole range of muscles, causing stiffness.  Start Line includes a number of exercises to help alleviate these symptoms.

Both Geoff and I have been running for pleasure, health and in competition for a number of years and we bring our vast experience to bear in this easy-to-navigate text.  The book, published by Fisher King Publishing, uncovers the physiological advantages of running and demonstrates how a feeling of well-being equips us to handle challenges in life. There are also references and signposts to helpful websites and articles.

Start Line goes beyond running and covers the broader topics of flexibility, strength training, high intensity training (HIT), swimming and cycling. There are expert-ratified chapters on pain management, running for women and access for the disabled as well as numerous valuable ‘Authors’ tips and anecdotes’.  The book is written in a modular style so readers can dip in and out of chapters as they wish.

The book’s foreword is written by Olympic, European and commonwealth medallist and multi–world record holder Steve Cram CBE.  I had the pleasure of meeting Steve Cram, who is now the BBC chief athletics commentator, on a number of occasions and sent him six sample chapters to review which Steve kindly endorsed.

Personally I believe that there is mounting evidence to show that regular exercise is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle and can help reduce the risk of developing a range of negative health issues.

Those who exercise are less likely to get ill and they will generally live longer. Finding the motivation to get active can be quite challenging for some. However, physical activity does not have to be vigorous and people, from young children and teenagers through to pregnant women and the elderly, can incorporate some form of exercise into their daily routine.

Start Line is available to purchase from Amazon and £1 of each book sold throughout November will go to two charities we’re proud to support, Working Wonders apprentice charity and Overgate Hospice.


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