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Personal Development

Can you imagine being this confident?

Can you imagine being this confident?

  1. Do you or your staff lack motivation at the moment?
  2. Do you need a confidence boost and a set of personal skills to help you succeed?

… then join us on a journey of Personal Development!

The Personal Development Journey is a stimulating training experience, conducted in an engaging way. Working with other delegates in an atmosphere of trust and respect, you will have the opportunity to form lasting relationships with people from other organisations.

This exciting, highly interactive, programme is appropriate for people at all levels in an organisation, giving you the opportunity to learn from different perspectives.

Martin Haigh, lead trainer at Lattitude7, brings his significant recent senior level international experience to give an up-to-date perspective on the interpersonal challenges in modern business and help you to:

  1. Gain an increased awareness of yourself and the impact that you have on other people.
  2. Increase your self-confidence and your ability to present and communicate.
  3. Develop a higher sense of self-worth to enable you to realise your full potential.
  4. Be more open-minded and positive and
  5. Acquire the ability to drive your businesses to exceed expectations.



The Personal Development Journey covers…

The sessions will cover essential items such as:

  1. Creating a positive mindset
  2. Rejuvenating your confidence and self-belief
  3. Significantly improving your ability to communicate and present
  4. Understanding and managing your relationships
  5. Planning tasks and realising your vision
  6. Building and leading teams to success
  7. Controlling your attitude in challenging situations

This programme of seven weekly personal development sessions also features:

  1. a personal interview prior to the programme to help you focus on your strengths and become more successful
  2. a comprehensive training manual
  3. consultations between sessions
  4. first class follow-up support to ensure an ongoing learning experience.


Between each session you will have the opportunity to put the learning into practice, with a final celebration at the last meeting!

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